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Personal information
Real name: Razvan Popa

BattleTag: Loving#2161

Age: 25

Location: Edinburgh (UK)

Tell us a bit about yourself (eg. what do you do for a living?): Work in HR as a supervisor in a HR Service Centre (Imagine a Call centre without the calls), I eat a lot, I used to go to the gym but screwed up my shoulder so taking a break now ( just cardio bleah) and I love to play video games.

We use teamspeak 3 for voice communication. Do you have a microphone and are you able to use it? Yes

Character information
Character name and Armory link (including any currently played alts): Sickbro (Warrior Fury alt/main alt)

www.worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/Lovingchaos Lovingchaos - Havoc Demon Hunter (main)
worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/draenor/sickbro Sickbro (Warrior Fury alt/main alt)

Main spec: Havoc

An in combat screenshot of your User Interface with visible keybindings:

imgur.com/a/AjG6rGe This is pretty much my ui but my keybinds are actually hidden in combat ( I am used to playing like that but i put them on shows to see the binds)

imgur.com/a/2MUOBha this is pretty much my ui. The raiding groups are left sided down on a line and the AA or Exrt is next to the left top corner with stats. Other than that simple and tidiish?

Link any logs to demonstrate your ability (it's very unlikely for us to accept an application with no logs):

imgur.com/a/zXc3p2b (grong)
imgur.com/a/lpfPA6x (JM)
imgur.com/a/0Q18mcS (conclaive)
imgur.com/a/AWFDGjj (king)
imgur.com/a/L7IJpc6 (mekka)
imgur.com/a/OaQ3ZFZ (wall)
imgur.com/a/yKgmVMU (jaina wipes)
imgur.com/a/i7YlP93 (jaina kill)

Sickbro logs

imgur.com/a/mM1svT6 (Grong)
imgur.com/a/NI0tw1K (JM)
imgur.com/a/TlnSuRk (Opulence)

Explained to Alor on Bnet that my g private logs so highly unlikely that I can do better than that. On main I was benched at 1st as I did not needed anything. (I do have a friend in the guild so if you require more detailed logs I am more than happy to link)

Also logs from Uldir there that are not private as private logging did not work back then

Please explain your stat priority: Single target it depends. I sim my every item i get to check if it is an upgrade over current in both aoe/single simmulation.

At my current gear my stats are: Versa>Crit>haste>agility

The reason for those is quite simple: i got the good kr chest which I can play on Single target 3 FG and because of this most of my gear can be with Versa Crit (My Versa Crit are 2.64 and 2.62 so very close dps wise and then its haste with 2.32 and agility with 2.11 and mastery 1.77 in pawn after simming) Also I will explain a bit below why haste is over agility.

Aoe wise: Versatility> haste>crit>agility. Versa for damage increase. Haste is a good stats mainly for the reduction on blade dance (at this point in expansion the boost from agility is mininal to damage unles we are talking about 385 to 415 item)if you have a blade dance or even 2 its more prio to get haste as blade dance will benefit more from shorter cooldown than damage in the case of agility with damage increase.

Please explain what talents you're using and in what situations you use each (single target, cleave, aoe etc.):

Single target you play Felblade>Demon Blades>Trial>whatever you prefer>first blood>situational>demonic.

AoE wise you play: Blind fury>Immolation>(for burst as oppulence you can go FB) for sustained cleave (2 or 3 targets) you go with Trial>whatever you prefer>first blood>situational>demonic.

So standard wise on the felblade spec you will want to play gale force enchant mainly because it provides atack speed and not haste. With Demon Blades you wish to have more AA in order to generate fury which is why it falls below haste as haste provides general haste for spells cds and potentially extra ticks for certain classes

AoE wise you go for Versatility and quick as it provides the highest output. Versatility for damage increase and Haste for cds on Immolation Aura and Blade Dance.

What trinkets are you currently using in each situation and why?:

Single target its situational. Depending on the boss fights and safe pick as well you can go dead eye but for fights like Jaina where a high burst output is needed ( see wall transition) you can go with Plumage as well as it provides a good usage and can align it with Eye Beam usage and Meta. For fight where you would be like 5m in an encounter the dead eye is better overall even though on a RPPM of 1 but also because you can refresh it for 10 seconds on its last second of expiration ( if you gain stacks in 2 seconds upon its proc you have 18 seconds with 5 stacks which is like 15% crit) and this is amazingly good as written above versa is tied to crit on dps increase.

Other trinket is Kimbul as it provdes the highest sustain in the game (proc is shit in terms of damage but is constant pretty much through the fight which is why in a boss fight it does 2-3% of out damage if not even more depending on rng crits)

AoE wise I will go with Dice and Plumage. Plumage is a good activation for burst wise and dice can refresh itself and stack up not to mention it usually procs all 3 buffs at the same time

Where do you go to improve your knowledge about your class?: Discord ( I kind of avoid the DH discord due to toxicity) but will go and chat up people are good and knowledge on DH (Lazel, Kush, . Also a lot of feedback and experimenting I have done and shared/gained feedback is Naowh's discord as its like a 2nd DH home at this moment. I sim my character for every item as already stated and also spend quite a lot hitting the old wood (target dummy)

Raiding information
Have you got any commitments that might cause you to miss raids (e.g. irregular work schedule):

I work as a supervisor in a HR Service Centre ( like a call centre minus the phone calls) and once a week I have to do a late shift. This is dynamic as it not always happens in the same day as and such I would be late if the raid lands on one of my late shifts by approx 30-40 min. This does not happen often (calculated to twice a month as if I am on a Monday on a late the next week I will be Tuesday and so on) so it should be expected to appear late often. Also for first 2 week of progression I usually avoid doing the late or in worst case scenario I work from home or take holiday days ( work from home is worst case scenario holiday is good because I can farm M+ and optimise gear)

Furthermore are there any upcoming events that will limit your availability:

Nothing alongside already provided above

A detailed summary of your PvE experience since Mists of Pandaria (Only include content cleared while it was current and what character you played at the time):

Mist of Pandaria I played Enchance and Managed to clear everything although I had to reroll at Spoils in Siege as our Guild at the time was lacking range dps and enchantment was not the best Melee class in the game. So I played from there until Draenor Mage and in Draenor I was allowed to play enha again. Cleared everything on heroic at the time. Mythic Siege I only was on for the first 2 weeks if I recall before moving overseas and had to stop playing for 3 months while moving to UK at the time. In Draenor I cleared in BRF 9/10 Mythic and HFC 12/12 Mythic and Legion I cleared EM 7/7 ToV 3/3 NH 10/10 ToS 7/9 ( I was playing Enhance and Demon Hunter so I was benched obv for the kills and we only did a reclear) and full Antorus.

Former guild(s) and why you decided to leave:

Sanity-Defias Transferred and also moved into Empty Promises for better progression.

Empty Promises Disbanded so had to move but it was ok because it was during my last year at uni while the ToS tier so could not really play super intense

Minions (more of a social guild while in my last year at uni because I still wanted to play a bit but also had irl activities at the time) cleared full Antorus ( barelly believe it myself)

Empty Promises again in Uldir when it was formed until Zap quit the game like a douche without any notice to us ( he just logged ingame and told bye).

And Bloom now (reasons is progression/ communication but also because I do not fit very well with the social side) The progression was rather slowish (400 pulls at Jaina for a kill on a easy tier. Communication as we do talk relevant information though the raid. People who know themself irl or longer talk pretty much rubberish stuff not raid information or boss call out) and social side: I flourish socially a bit later as I need to get accustomed to people ( I am a quiet person) and they are very loud and do not relate to anything they say (Side note: I am quiet but still tak when required like Mekka robots and such) By quiet I mean personal life stuff or anything like that not boss call outs or raid suggestions.

Why do you want to join us?:

Good progression, stability and good banter but also good communication from what I heard on your Jaina kill (your officers literally say ability-ability and what you have to do/dogde/run etc and this is a good thing to have in a guild). This is something that I feel a lot of guild either are lacking or have inexperienced raid leaders/officers who do not call out things.

Why should we pick you?:

I am mechanically good ( not kissing my own ass )narcissistic )), I do not die a lot although through progression you can expect some ( everybody dies -its only natural as your learning curve is going to be different ). I tend to play the progression on the safe side and rather look bad on logs but kill the boss and during farm might go a bit overboard. Unless a boss requires me to min max I will play it safe and sound. I can play any other melee with above average skill (except DK as I hate that fantasy class) and I am reliable and like to communicate about boss encounters and provide feedback provided it is listened to.

What do you expect from us?:

Good communication, solid and steady progression ( it can be slow and steady and long as its going forward) and a good sense of actual being a decent human being ( Trolling the new guy while writing in his application that is social awkward and teasing about him is a bit too much for me to take and examples like this happened in my previous guild and I dislike them totally. There is one thing when you do that with people you know and have a friendship (even in game one) and another with a newcomer; not saying it happened to me but I also didn't talk when not required)

Anything else you would like to add to make your application stand out (accomplishments in other games etc)?:

Rank 1 Guild in Defias Brotherhood on Nighthold Guldan (was in guild with Heat in Sanity) and other games.. I played Yugioh for 36 straight hours to finish the game as I was hooked ( the card game on pc)

Keep in mind that your application is our first impression of you. Are you happy with the image it gives us of you?:

I would like to think so but if not let me know what bother you and hopefully I can change that

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